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  Due to the recent resurgence of public interest in theatrically released killer aquatic animal flicks like Piranha 3-D, it's sequel Piranha 3-DD, Shark Night 3-D, the seemingly endless barrage of made-for cable and direct to home video market sea monster movies like Mega Piranha, Mega shark, Sharktopus etcetera, as well as the ecologically righteous reality show Whale Wars, The KVLT has decide to skim the sea floor to dredge up a long forgotten sea-bound serial killer whale flick from the 70's.  A film, inappropriately rated PG, but very appropriately titled ORCA: The Killer Whale. 

  Before, you start bringing up Jaws and it's terrible sequels let The KVLT assure you that Orca shatters the clichéd trappings of killer shark flicks in many ways; one way is that it's about a killer whale, two is that it boasts an amazing and unusual soundtrack by spaghetti western and horror composer Ennio Morricone, and the third is that Orca is actually a nature-run-amok revenge movie.  That's right.  Orca isn't just out to indiscriminately devour any unfortunate seafarer or swimmer who happens to cross his path. Orca is out for bloody revenge! 

  The set-up is simple, Orca, the Killer Whale lives up to the killer part of his namesake as he gets stalks the captain and crew of a whaling ship who killed his mate and unborn offspring.  It gets a little complicated when we learn that Orca and Captain Nolan (Richard Harris) have a telepathic link, and that Orca, apart from the usual one-dimensional toothy monsters of killer shark flicks, uses very calculated means of tactical warfare and even revels in the wake of his own  unique brand of bloody vengeance. 

  KVLT VISIONS was at a loss and then awestruck when we saw this!  Name another film that showcases a forced-whale-abortion and it's aborted whale fetus and you will be instantaneously inducted into KVLT VISIONS Hall Of Arcane And Astounding Knowledge. 

  Some highlights include; A forced-whale abortion in graphic detail (pictured above), Orca implementing infrastructural warfare on a fishing community where Captain Nolan and his crew are docked, Orca getting his intended victim, Annie (Bo Derek), or at least her leg, which is shown in up-close, graphic detail in a scene the defies the films very misrepresented PG rating, one of the greatest insult-to-injury shots ever captured on film, as we watch  Orca gleefully crying out while performing celebratory back-flips in the ocean amidst the backdrop of the fishing community he has just demolished, as it rages ablaze in the night sky.  and last but not least, Orca demonstrating a vast understanding of the laws of trajectory and physics against Captain Nolan in a man versus whale, hand to fin, aquatic battle royale. 

When "Willy" is truly "Free" his bloodlust cannot be sated

Fun Facts about Orca: The Killer Whale

Orca: The killer whale was portrayed by a combination of stock footage taken at Marine World in Redwood City, California, and an animatronic whale which was filmed off the coasts of Malta and Newfoundland.

The orcas seen in the stock footage used from Marine World were named Yaka (female) and Nepo (male). They were both captured in 1969. Nepo died in 1980, and Yaka died in 1997.

Orca: The Killer Whale was actress and 70's sex symbol Bo Derek's first film credit


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